That moment when you thought you were cleared

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So I was about ready to get into training, and the left shoulder said no. We don’t run that way, I will need to learn how to run again without causing discomfort. I have a great team to train with and I’ve missed them all. They’ve been supportive checking up on me. 

I have an appointment next week to evaluate.  It’s been over a year of self treatments, sadly quick jerks on the train have caused more discomfort forcing me to get professional help. I’m not 23 anymore and my body is telling me so. Now to grow up and get right. I will begin a new this Saturday, with a doctors appointment later in the week.

I really miss training …  My own fault… 


It’s been too long

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It sure has been a while. I’ve been significantly off my game for well over a year now. No one to blame but myself.

Today it all changes. More details to come but it’s going to be a real ride once that ball gets rolling.

Happy Monday!


Sprint Triathlon Goals: Target AC Triathlon

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After taking some time to review my goals as I continued my winter training with TriLatino, I have created this tiered goal scheme for myself. I have reviewed the top podiums for my age group, currently 30-34, I believe to have a defined gage of where I “should be” in order to truly take on longer distances. Even though I have already signed up for the NYC Triathlon, I am placing more emphasis on my last triathlon of the year, DelMo Sports AC Triathlon, as it was my first and only Triathlon last year.

I have come far with the team so far, having much more acceptance of my swimming limitations, the addition of a new QuintanaRoo Seduza to take over my Trek mountain bike, and having a much stronger 5k this beginning of the year I can only wish to reach my GOAL but will accept my improvements of each tier.

Bellow are my Sprint Triathlon goals.


9-16 Minute Swim
30-15 minute Bike Ride
22-16 minute Run

GOAL: 0:50:00
Good: 0:59:00
OK: 1:17:00
Current: 1:33:00