Sprint Triathlon Goals: Target AC Triathlon

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After taking some time to review my goals as I continued my winter training with TriLatino, I have created this tiered goal scheme for myself. I have reviewed the top podiums for my age group, currently 30-34, I believe to have a defined gage of where I “should be” in order to truly take on longer distances. Even though I have already signed up for the NYC Triathlon, I am placing more emphasis on my last triathlon of the year, DelMo Sports AC Triathlon, as it was my first and only Triathlon last year.

I have come far with the team so far, having much more acceptance of my swimming limitations, the addition of a new QuintanaRoo Seduza to take over my Trek mountain bike, and having a much stronger 5k this beginning of the year I can only wish to reach my GOAL but will accept my improvements of each tier.

Bellow are my Sprint Triathlon goals.


9-16 Minute Swim
30-15 minute Bike Ride
22-16 minute Run

GOAL: 0:50:00
Good: 0:59:00
OK: 1:17:00
Current: 1:33:00


Back to Training … BIKE – RUN -BIKE

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So it’s been a week since I ran the Disney Wine and Dine Half marathon, I feel like I can tackle heavy training sessions however I am wrong.

I was recovering just fine after the Big run in which officially I finished in 2:28:xx with some photo’s with characters. Unofficially I finished the half in 2:16:xx . The event was great and will be posting my experience soon.

Though during the week I decided to head back to the gym and go to my usual cross training regimen. Unfortunately, my right ankle didn’t agree with my deep squats sets. I ended taking two days off to recover a bit and all was well until today. I decided to go for a mini brick session for Bike Run Bike … my usual but lowered the distance on the bike and the run. Unfortunately the wet ground didn’t do me justice, on my right ankle I kept slipping of the peddle on the hard climbs. I have look into investing into some Clips for my Mountain Bike.  Ohh yes, I do bike session either on the stationary bike in the gym or on my mountain bike.

I will be taking the remainder of the day off and see if I can squeeze a recovery jog or bike for tomorrow lunch session.  I have joined the TriLatino Triathlon organization and will be start training sessions with them on monday. Man … it’s been a while but I have still been developing apps and working on an Android game using libgdx Android Game Engine.

Bellow is my Strava data from the BIKE – RUN – BIKE session.

Here is the Garmin specific session from my RUN session.


The Mega Plush – Halloween Special

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The Mega Plush – Halloween Special from Matt Burniston on Vimeo.